Welcome to the Seraphina Centre

“We are living in very changing times; people are becoming increasingly disillusioned with life. It is time to take control of our own destination and look at the bigger picture enabling us to move on to a better, happier and more fulfilled life. This is not as hard as it sounds, it is within us all and just needs to be rediscovered, reignited and nurtured.”

Here at the Seraphina Holistic and Wellbeing Centre we are committed to providing a place for people to come in order to increase their health and wellbeing, a safe haven providing nurture for the soul.

The centre offers a variety of holistic treatments including Reiki, Massage, Crystal Healing, and Reflexology.

We also offer weekly yoga classes, relaxation groups, meditation and for those seeking a healthier diet we have The Link Organic Café and Juice Bar next door who can offer nutritional support, advice and supplements. We also offer many workshops, talks and events dedicated to developing your spiritual knowledge.

Whatever your requirement please feel free to contact us or call in for any more information.


Love & Light

Sue and Kath

07800 639280


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